Minnesota Vikings vs Philadelphia Eagles sportsbook odds and predictions

The Minnesota Vikings are a train wreck right now as they will be heading into Week 16 with no hope for the playoffs an injured Adrian Peterson, Brett Favre and a rookie quarterback leading the way in Joe Webb.

Even though these team has a lot of talented pieces in players like Percy Harvin, Sidney Rice and Jared Allen, the Minnesota Vikings are still arguably one of the worst teams in the league and an easy win form most of their opponents. Get your NFL football betting on this Christmas weekend at Bodog Sportsbook.

In Week 16, the Vikings will head to Philadelphia to take on a red hot Eagles squad led by arguably the best player in the league in superstar quarterback Michael Vick. It seems that no matter what opposing teams through at Vick and company, they always find a way to win and if they can get a win this week against the Vikings, they will win the NFC East division and be playoff bound once again.

Just as it was coming into Monday’s night showdown with the Chicago Bears, the Minnesota Vikings are uncertain about who will be playing at quarterback and running back, but even if Favre and Peterson are good to go in Week 16, I still believe that the Philadelphia Eagles will get an easy victory while defending their home turn in Philly.

The key to this matchup in my opinion will be Michael Vick going up against the Minnesota Vikings defense. Even though the Vikings defense isn’t what it was last season, they have shown signs of their former self at times during the season and if they can do that this week, they might have a chance to contain Vick.

Ultimately though, the Vikings will go down in flames once again with the Eagles getting yet another win under their belt before heading into the playoffs.

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