Miami Heat Slams Orlando Magic

In the Miami Heat’s home opener, the team did not disappoint their fans. Dwayne Wade scored a total of 26 points for the team showing that he had fully recovered from a strained hamstring that caused him to miss almost the entire off-season while LeBron James scored 15 points with seven assists. The first 14 points during the second half of the game were scored by the Heat who beat the Magic 96-70 when all was said and done.

This was the sixth earned victory over the Magic in the last 21 contests of the two teams. These stand to be mentioned since in the previous five wins they did not have the Trio – Wade, James and Bosh – to help lift them to their triumph.

However, that is beside the point, the point here is that if the Trio is going to play like this with the Miami Heat in the home opener, how is the rest of the season going to go? If all goes according to plan and last night’s game, the season should be a rewarding one for the Miami Heat.

The Trio definitely played well together last night. To begin, Chris Bosh got a rebound, which he passed to LeBron James, who took a single dribble of the ball before passing to Dwayne Wade who took a dunk. This was just near the beginning of the game – could you imagine if I were to keep going with all of the highlights from the game?

Taking a look at Orlando for a moment, Dwight Howard scored a total of 19 points, which were all in the first half of the game but then went on to about the middle of the fourth quarter with 5 minutes and 41 seconds left in the game and fouled out. He had previously in the third quarter missed three of his attempted shots.

I think Miami Heat is definitely going to be one of the NBA teams to beat this year and definitely a team that you need to keep your eye on throughout the entire season.

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