Is Sportswear Universal?

Sportswear is activewear, just for a specific use. If you are playing a certain sport, you need the proper clothing for that sport. The correct clothing for each event not only helps safety but will also raise your game.

Yes and no. Some sportswear is universal, but many items are sport specific. You would not want to wear football cleats to a basketball game. Much of the clothing that you would wear to one event, you can wear to another. Just use common sense.

Every sports enthusiast needs proper apparel. You not only need to look the part, but you need your clothes to perform the part. The last thing an athlete needs is for their clothes to slow them down.

Realize that you can look great in clothes that help you perform great. Being an athlete does not mean that you have to sacrifice either style or performance. So look great and perform great in proper sportswear.

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