Golf Clubs

There are several different types of golf clubs to use that produce a different results. Golfers can have as many as 14 clubs in a bag. This may come as a surprise for new golfers, how many different ways can you hit a golf ball into a single hole? The truth is every course has its challenges. Hills, pits of sand, even small ponds are all challenges you must overcome before you reach your final goal. These clubs are your tools to get to that final flag as fast as possible. Each family of clubs can range in multiple sizes and purposes. For a beginner I recommend having at least one of in each family starting with your Driver, most importantly a 1 wood. A Driver is the longest and lowest loft (the angle of which the club’s end) that sends the golf ball the greatest distance. The Driver is used to launch the ball off the tee at the start of the hole. Your Fairway Woods allow the ball to fly over short obstacles such as small ditches and flatter sand banks. An Iron is a step from a fairway because it sends the ball shorter distances at higher angels. This is perfect for hiking balls out of steep ditches or higher sand banks. Although these clubs are great for getting you out of sticky situations, my recommendation is having Wedges.

These are your multi-purpose clubs. No matter what situation you find yourself in pitching wedges, Gap wedges, sand wedges, lob wedges and ultra lab wedges are your way out. They are each angled differently for your advantage. Nothing is more frustration when getting a ball stuck in an area you can’t get out of. Swing after swing you attempt to get out but only make 6 inches to a foot of progress. If you don’t have this “utility belt” the game can last a lot longer than you’d like. Finally, the most important club of them all is utilized at the end of round. This magical tool is known as the Putter. How many times have you played a round of golf when you were younger with one club? You were at the hole and you watched the ball as it shifted from one side, to another, to the other side of the hole and never actually making it in? This is where a Putter comes in handy. This is used for hitting the ball right into the hole once it’s on the green. It does not send the ball in the air, instead it propels the ball further on the ground until it reaches its goal leaving a sigh of relieve and an accomplishing feeling.

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