Forms of Hockey

Hockey is a very adaptable sport. There are many different variations to the game that involve different surfaces for different temperatures. The most widely known form of the game is of course, Ice Hockey. Ice Hockey is played on a large flat slate of ice in a cold arena or outside during cold enough weather. Like most forms of Hockey the game involves Hockey sticks which push around a Hockey Puck. Each game is played with high intensity and with such a competitive attitude it’s very common to see players fight or get injured. Although Hockey is played all over Europe and the United States, the best teams originate in Canada, Finland, Latvia, Slovakia and Czech Republic. Ice Hockey has the largest league over the other forms having a large national league. The National Hockey League draws in top Hockey players from around the globe generating teams that gather a large following such as the Red Wings, Montreal Canadians and the Toronto Maple Leafs. Another form of Hockey played on ice is Inline Hockey.

This is a variation of a yet another form of Hockey called Roller Hockey. First, inline Hockey involves the same equipment; puck, hockey stick and ice skates, but there are many small differences. It is played with two teams consisting of four skaters and one goalie. Each period is 15 minutes with a variation of ice hockey rules. Roller Hockey is like hockey, but on a wooden service rather than ice. Each player wears a pair of roller skates instead of ice skates and it is less popular than Ice Hockey, but ironically around longer. If you don’t have a rink or a gym, your safe alternative is Street Hockey. All it takes is a pair of roller skates, a Hockey stick a ball, and a safe spot on the street or a basketball court in the local park. Street Hockey is played all year around and can be played just about anywhere. Other forms of Hockey such as air hockey, Ball Hockey or Unicycle Hockey are less known and played. Throughout the years Hockey has had many “Spin-offs” that have a very creative feel. Broomball is played on an ice hockey rink, and a ball is used instead of a puck. The Hockey stick is replaced with a broom and instead of using skates, special rubber soled shoes are used. Mini Hockey is played in basements of houses. Players get down on their knees, using a miniature plastic stick which is used to maneuver a soft, fabric covered mini puck into miniature goals. Perhaps the most interesting form of Hockey is Underwater Hockey. The name says it all. It just goes to show that no matter where you are, or what equipment you own, there’s always a way to play Hockey.

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