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Take a daily dose of to keep yourself up-to-speed with all the latest news and action straight from the pitch. Track your home team and keep up with results and upcoming fixtures right here. We’ll review the latest games from the Premiership, Coca-Cola Leagues, Scottish Leagues and bring you reports from the world of European football.

Fancy a punt on the World Cup? Of course you do! We’ll analyse the odds for you and tell you the best place to make a wager online. We’re constantly studying the form of teams and individual players so check back often to make sure you’ve got all the information you need to place an informed bet on the beautiful game.

Player statistics

Bob’s Football will also bring you news on individual players. We prompt discussion on topics like Owen’s signing at Manchester United and follow all the latest transfer gossip and press releases. We’ll tell you who’s on top form and who’s suffering from injury or poor fitness. From player indiscretions to manager’s confessions – we’ve got them all covered at

Looking for a game yourself?

If you want to kick up a storm on the pitch yourself, we’ll give you tips and advice on how you can get involved with a club or even organise your own personal league with your mates. Get hints on improving your technique and check out the latest kits available to make sure you look the part in the field. We can tell you all about new season’s team kits as well as the latest sportswear that’s been tailored for the surface you play on and designed to improve your game. Hey, every little helps as they say down at Tesco.
In short, if you love football, you’ll love SPORTS. We take a holistic look at the sport from big match strategies to park game tactics, from the glitz of thirty million pound players to the shame of a few flawed fans.

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