Football History

David Beckham is the celebrity and a usually the first person one thinks about when it comes to football. Born on May 2nd , 1975; this 34 year old football extraordinaire debut in the UEFA Champions league scoring a goal which led to the teams victory in their final game in Galatasaray. His uphill streak continued graciously as he went on to impressed Preston North End by scoring two goals in five appearances. After returning to Manchester United on April of 1995, he scored yet again against Leeds United. He later secured himself as United’s right-sided midfielder and helped them to win the Premier League title and FA Cup double that season. He ended up scoring the winner in the semi-final against Chelsea and assisted a win in the FA Cup Final. From Mid March until the end of the season Beckham and his team-mates remained on top of the league. Throughout the beginning of his career Beckham became increasingly popular both on and off the field. He continued to lead his team to victory and established himself as a staple player. He got married to former pop singer Victoria Beckham and became popular in the tabloids and entertainment world. By 2000 his enormous talent granted him the permission to miss training sessions off season, and this wasn’t taken lightly by his teammates about his missed practices as well has his fame.

United Manager Alex Ferguson stated, “He was never a problem until he got married. He used to go into work with the academy coaches at night time, he was a fantastic young lad. Getting married into that entertainment scene was a difficult thing – from that moment, his life was never going to be the same. He is such a big celebrity; football is only a small part.” Although these issued caused a strain between him and his teammates, there is no question he was a liability to the team. From 1999-2000 he help United keep their title by assisting wins for their final final 11 league games of the season. Beckham alone scored five goals, managed six league goals, and ended up scoring eight goals in all competitions. On July 21st, 2007 Beckham was an official player in the United States. He joined Las Angeles’s team Galaxy and showed them they made the right choice by leading his new team to victory and assisting goals. During the Kansas City Wizards game on the 24th of May 2008, Beckham scored an empty-net goal from 70 yards out and helped the Galaxy claim victory. This gave the Galaxy their first winning record in two years and moved the club into first place in the Western Conference. He is ranked the highest paying footballer has been searched the most of all sports on Google. He has also become an elite advertising brand and a top fashion icon. His fame has earned him a lot but his talent has shown us why he has made his mark globally in professional football.

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