Football 101

Controlling the ball, Dribbling, Passing, kicking, heading and Tackling are some of the basic skills to learn when it comes to playing Football (Soccer). By using your thighs, chest and feet you are able to control the ball depending on the height of the ball as it approaches you. Each body part can be used to stop or pass the ball to a player or away from competitors, including the head (heading). When running down the field you must keep the ball with you at all times and you can do that by dribbling. Kick the ball sharply and make sure the ball doesn’t travel too far away from you even when you’re changing directions. By keeping these kicks short and quick you may be able to make it all the way to the goal or successfully pass the ball to another team mate. Players can use the inside and outside of the foot, toe, heel and top of the foot to pass and kick the ball. These movements are done very quickly and require great accuracy so it is important to improve your skills with much practice. If you kick the player while attempting to steal the ball can give the opposite team a free kick so it’s important that your Tackling technique is perfected as well. In the game of soccer Goalkeepers, Defenders, Midfielders, and Strikers are the main positions a player will take on the field. The Goalkeeper requires concentration and excellent reflexes.

Their job is to protect their goal and make sure no ball gets past the line in front of it causing their opposing team to score. A Goalie can use any part of their body and is protected by a penalty box which no player should physically pass when attempting to score. Among the defense aspect are the Defenders. These players are required to be skilled at Tackling and heading because they are instructed to keep their opposing team from keeping the ball. Midfielders are spread out to help the defenders keep possession of the ball. They are typically skilled with ball control and passing. After a team gains possession of the ball they would pass it to their striker. A Striker’s soul responsibility is to score a goal. Attacking headers, shooting and making fast, quick runs are the essential skills a striker must have. Soccer is one of the most demanding sports to play and almost all Players cover about 8-12km during a match. Walking, jogging, coursing, sprinting and moving backwards are essential exercises to perform in drills or at the gym when preparing your body for Football. The harder you work the quicker you’ll make it.

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