Debbie Steinbach Venus on the Fairway

The Fresh Approach to Golf Instruction for Women

The ever increasing numbers of skillful women golfers on today’s courses testify to a passionate new group of enthusiasts who are challenging the outdated idea that it is a game solely enjoyed by men.

There are a range of advances happening within the golfing market to reflect this new trend, including a re-evaluation of traditional golfing instruction techniques which, until now, have been angled very much at men. This re-evaluation is long overdue as scores of women golfers have struggled for years with professional advice which did not take into account the differences between the male and female physique and, dare I say it, the male and female psychology.

It is absolutely worthwhile, therefore, when someone breaks out of the mould and comes up with a fresh new approach which isn’t afraid to challenge the old advice, and which appreciates the importance of accommodating women’s minds and women’s bodies so that they, too, can improve their game and enjoy golf as much as possible.

It should come as no surprise that many of these new ideas involved in finding techniques specifically designed to be beneficial to women, are written by women golfers themselves.

One such golfing instruction book is the already well-renowned Venus on the Fairway by Debbie Steinbach and Kathlene Bissell. A golfing manual written by women for women, how refreshing!

Debbie Steinbach is as seasoned a golfer as many male coaches, having played on the LPGA tour for eleven years before training to become a certified LPGA teaching professional. She offers a unique, woman-centered approach which has been helpful to so many women golfers that she was acclaimed as one of the top 50 instructors in the United States by ‘Golf for Women’ magazine. Her co-author, Kathlene Bissell is also an ardent golfer who has written for numerous golfing publications herself, including recognizable names like ‘Golf Illustrated’ and ‘Golf for Women’.

Venus on the Fairway uses easy to understand step-by-step instructions, photographic examples to clarify Steinbach’s suggestions, and clear visual keys to remind readers to keep it simple; unravelling all of your old bad habits so that you can re-build a better technique from the beginning. It deals in the fundamentals and really pares things down, giving tips and hints on getting the right grip and swing, what the appropriate etiquette is when you are on the greens, and choosing the right equipment for you.

Steinbach’s approach appreciates the female body’s potential with its natural strengths and suppleness, instead of trying to mould women golfers to play as if they are men, with a completely different type of physique.

To hear the thoughts of just a few of the women this book has genuinely helped, click on the book cover above and read through some of the impressive customer reviews. Although be careful, as it will be incredibly hard not to be persuaded by such comments as “The best woman’s golf book ever!” and other delighted exclamations. We wouldn’t be surprised if you just had to buy it online, there and then! Enjoy!

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