The Stanley Cup

The Stanley Cup, the Holy Grail; to Hockey players around the world it is the most famous trophy in the League and one you spend your whole season working towards. Each team that wins the annual championship passes the cup along to the next team that takes home the title. It is also one of only two trophies in professional sports which have the name of the winning players, coaches, management, and club staff engraved upon it. The cup was named after Lord Stanley of Preston. In 1888 Stanley was appointed by Queen Victoria as Governor General of Canada was the first exposed to the game at Montreal’s Winter Carnival the following year. He was immediately delighted with the game and became an instant fan and soon his entire family became active in ice Hockey. Two of his sons, Arthur and Algernon, formed a new team called the Ottawa Rideau Rebels. Later, Arthur became the founder of Hockey in Great Brittan and convinced his father Stanley to donate a trophy to symbolize Hockey Championship.

The original cup is used every year and never loses its traditions. One of the oldest traditions dating back to 1896 is having the winning team drink champagne from the bowl of the trophy. Another includes an on-ice presentation of the Cup to the captain of the winning team. After the Captain holds the Cup, he would pass it down his team so everyone gets a chance to hold it. In 1950 Ted Lindsay of the Detroit Red Wings became the first captain to hoist the Cup over his head and skate around the rink. After this display, winning teams after began do the same thing. Each player would have their chance to take a lap round the rink with the trophy over their head. Touching the Trophy was another famous tradition in NHL. This tradition holds the rule of not touching or hoisting the cup until it is awarded. Once awarded, the players must hoist the trophy, because “it is the trophy of champions.” Later it was known as good luck to touch or tap the trophy before or during a game for superstitious chance of winning it shortly after. In 1995 the tradition started where every player of the winning team is a awarded a of possession of the cup. They can spend a day with a cup and a representative of the Hockey Hall of Fame. It traveled with the best of them and done more than most of us can claim. In 2008 Tomas Holmstrom brought the trophy to his hometown in Sweden and used it as a baptismal font for his niece. After Tampa Bay Lightning won the cup, Prince Edward Island took the Stanley Cup out on a fishing boat for good luck. If luck was what the cup brought Tampa Bay Lightning Andre Roy wanted the best of it. He used it as an engagement ring bearer. It had the privilege to visit the White House, knocked elbows with the president (George W. Bush at the time) and traveled through the glamour of Las Angeles. The cup was taken on a roller coaster ride in Universal Studios in Hollywood, and visited the Hollywood Sign. Perhaps this was a little foreshadowing of its own; the trophy was featured in several scenes of the soap Opera Guiding light, and prime time television show Boston Legal. The fame and legend of this cup remains as the fame continuously grows.

The National Hockey League

The National Hockey League was created on November 26th, 1917 just before Christmas in Montreal. We can call it a holiday gift to sports lovers around the world; after all it has become one of the top sporting Leagues in the world and my personal favorite. It wasn’t an instant hit in the beginning; they struggled to stay in business for the first decade even though their teams were displaying amazing talent on the ice. For years, no other league was winning the Stanley Cup besides one team outside of the league in 1925. After 1926 NHL started to rapidly expand as the Boston Bruins, and Montreal Maroons entered the league. More teams from the U.S started to follow shortly after. These teams include: The New York Americans, Pittsburgh Pirates, New York Rangers and the Chicago Black Hawks (Blackhawks). The Detroit Cougars (Red Wings) caped off the ten teams that joined the NHL. After the great Depression the original ten became the original six. These teams were: the Montreal Canadians, Toronto Maple Leafs, Detroit Red Wings, Chicago Black Hawks, Boston Bruins, and New York Rangers; and it stayed that way for a quarter-century. In 1967 NHL had their second wave of new comers adding 6 more teams to their roster. Five years later the World Hockey Association was born and became the first rival for the NHL in decades.

This was an awakening for NHL as they started to expand more rapidly adding teams like the New York Islanders, and the Atlanta Flames. Soon the NHL crumbled the WHA and adopted the rest of their teams. Because of their overwhelming expansion, the NHL was split into two conferences in 1974. The Clarence Campbell made up the west and The Prince of Wales made of the east conference. Later these conferences were split yet again. The 1980s witnessed the beginning of NHL’s third large expansion. This expansion lasted 10 years and added a new team almost every few years. Nine new franchises in ten years make for a pretty successful decade. The San Jose Sharks, The Tampa Bay Lightening and Ottawa Senators entered in 1991. In 1993 the well known Mighty Ducks of Anaheim and the Florida Panthers entered the famous league. Five years later came the Nashville Predators, and in 1999 the NHL adopted the Minnesota Wild. By the Millennium the National Hockey League had a total of 30 teams.

The Legend Of Tiger Woods

When we think of golf, often times there are one player that pops into our head as the staple of golf. Look up golf in the dictionary and there he’ll be. I am referring to Eldrick Tont Woods, or as many are more familiar with; Tiger Woods. The only professional golfer who has won 4 PGA tournaments in his first ten seasons on tour, and has been victorious in 71 tours overall. These tours range from the Las Vegas Invitational in 1996 to the most recent this year at the BMW Championship. That is 14 years in counting of a continuously successful career. Before he won’t his first Championship, Tiger won three consecutive amateur titles starting in 1994. To step back even further, as many viewers discovered on the “Mike Douglas Show,” young Tiger made his first public debut when he was two years old putting with Bob Hope.

There is no doubt Woods has lived, ate and breathed golf since he was very young. He is a true master at his craft. So much so, major companies want to endorse him. Some of Tiger’s endorsements include General Motors, Titleist, General Mills, American Express, Accenture and his most well known; Nike (Tiger signed a $40 million check with Nike in 2004). In 2002 Tiger was involved in the launching the Buick’s Rendezvous SUV, which sold more than 130,000 in 2002 and 2003. Though out his career Tiger has done some amazing things in the world of Golf and that never went unrecognized. He was induction into the California Hall of Fame and the California museum of History in 2007. That same year he received the honor of having his own brand of sports drink from Gatorade which debuted early last year entitled “Gatorade Tiger.” Many endorsements and achievements like these ranked him number one. Having earned $110 million from winnings and endorsements by 2008, he is ranked the highest paid professional athlete of our time. Most recently, he was granted the Honor to speak at the We are one: The Obama Inaugural Celebration at the Lincoln Memorial. He gave a speech commemorating the Military and all of their efforts. He is truly an inspiration to many as not only an amazing athlete but a humanitarian as well.

The importance of helmets

The importance of being well dressed when you are about to do a outdoor sport, can be very important. Especially if you are about to ski, bob or something like that. And forget to wear a helmet if you are going to ride your bicycle, especially if you are going to use it in the city. That’s a situation where you definitely should were a helmet, no doubt about that. Overall there are a lot of situations were you without a doubt should were a helmet. It´s safety net in case you fall into an accident or hurt yourself in a head.

To not wear a helmet in that situation is something you might regret big time. The modern POC helmets has become more and more popular, especially if you are into dangerous sports like hockey or skiing. Not that those are necessary dangerous, but you should always wear a helmet when playing these sport. So don´t forget to protect your skull, you might need it in the future!

The History of cricket

Cricket is a bat to ball team sport that’s full of history. There has been speculation that Prince Edward, the son of Edward I played a game that was called creag in 1301 that mirrored cricket. This presents the possibility that cricket could have been around longer then it was first documented in the 16th century in Southern England. It increasingly became popular throughout the centuries. Cricket was at its high in London as early as 1707. This became apparent as large crowd would flock to matches on the Artillery Ground in Finsbury. The single wicket form of the sport attracted huge crowds as well. Bowling evolved around 1760 when bowlers began to pitch the ball instead of rolling the ball towards the batsman. This caused a revolution in bat design. By the 18th century cricket became national sport and took a major leap overseas to the first ever international cricket match between the United States and Canada in 1844. In 1859, a team of England players went on their first overseas tour to North America. In 1862 the English team jumped on the bag wagon making their first tour in Australia. This wasn’t the first stop in Australia for cricket.

Between 1876 and 1877, an England team took part in the first-ever Test match at the Melbourne Cricket Ground against Australia. The last two decades before the First World War have been called the “Golden Age of cricket”. This period produced some great players and memorable matches, especially as organized sport. One player in particular is W G Grace, who started his long career in 1865. Towards the end of the century his career was often said to have revolutionized cricket. In the 19th century cricket’s journey overseas expanded even further as well as the players. During the First World War Don Bradman from Australia became the greatest batsman of all time. The England team devoted themselves to steal the crown and brought about the Bodyline series in 1932 through 1933. The Bodyline was also known as the “fast leg theory”. This a tactic the English team used during the Australian tour to stand out in cricket. This introduced us to the short-pitched bowler Harold Larwood. The expansion of cricket in the 20th century brought on to more additions, including the West Indies, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. Today, the International Cricket Council has 104 countries practicing.

Tennis Highlights and insights

We’ll bring you live scores and match analysis from major competitions such as The US Open, Wimbledon, The Australian Open, the Masters Series and much more. Join us as we follow Murray’s journey to become World Number 1 and his ongoing battle against Federer and injury-ridden Nadal. Plus, we’ll be keeping an eye on the women’s rankings too. Noise is being made about a return to form by the previous women’s World Number 1, Justine Henin and fellow Belgian Kim Clijsters – could the William’s girls be in for a run for their money again? Not to mention the new and emerging talent that’s currently lighting up the courts. Right now, we’re interested in former Junior Wimbledon Champion, Laura Robson and her potential to make some waves in the heavyweight field, following her recent defeat of Stephanie Foretz at The US Open. Foretz ranked 332 places above Robson, so we’ve got our suspicions that the 15 year-old wild card from Britain could go on to do great things. Whether it’s seasoned pros or sparky newcomers, we’ll cover their progress right here and bring you insightful commentary from all the major events.

Off-Court Antics

No news is complete, however, without a little off-court gossip. For example, we’re eager to see what Murray’s deal with Simon Fuller’s management company, 19 Entertainment, will do for his profile. The famously dour Scotsman has been rising in popularity as his tennis prowess has increased, a deal with Simon Fuller – former Spice Girls manager and current manager of David Beckham – could see Murray’s fame go meteoric. And what are the champs of yester-year up to now? We’ll report on some of the more frivolous topics such as Martina Navratilova’s glamorous new girlfriend and check out what Pete Sampras has been saying about his fellow tennis stars past and present.

Tennis Tips and Trics

Bringing the focus back to your own game, check out our training tips and tutorials to find out how to improve your serve, how to play a killer backhand and much more besides. We’ll also give you a guide to the best tennis clubs and coaches as well as reviews on the top performance equipment and gear to give you that competitive edge on court.

We are here to give you the advantage – more tennis news, better game advice and plenty of great insight from the world of tennis. Enjoy our site and come back soon.

Tennis Basics

In order to understand how tennis is played, you must first understand the structure of the court. Tennis is played on a clay, grass or hard-court court that is typically 78 feet long and 27 wide. Occasionally the surface is constructed out of concrete or asphalt, and Indoor tennis is typically carpeted. Each surface generates a different result of the game in a special way. Clay courts normally have a ball that travels at a slower place and when contacting the ground, the ball produces a fairy good bounce with more spin. Hard courts are similar except they usually have a fast-pace ball with no spin after making contact with the ground. Grass courts are typically the exact opposite. The ball will be fast- paced and when it makes contact with the ground the ball produces a more spastic bounce. Indoor carpeted courts typically have a very fast-paced ball with a true but low bounce. Each court is marked with lines that designate areas for the game. The lines that run horizontally along the back of the court are called the base lines. These lines indicate how far the court extends to. Service lines are located half way within the court marking where the player should serve from.

The small dash in between each baseline is called the center mark, and it is used to distinguish the two halves (and service boxes) of a tennis court. Lastly, each court is aligned with extra space so the players can reach overrun balls. For both men and women matches, a game is determined through the best 3 out of 5 sets. In order to win a set the first player must win at least four points in total and at least two points more than his or her opponent. The point system is very specific to tennis; Zero is described as “love,” and two through four is “fifteen”, “thirty”, and “forty.” If each player has won three points, the score is than described as “deuce.” At the start of each match the score is announced by the chair umpire or judge and the match begins. The score of a tennis match during play is always read with the serving player’s score first. After a match, the score is always read with the winning player’s score first. At the end of a game, the chair umpire also announces the winner of the game and the overall score.

Serena Williams

Currently the number one female tennis player in the world, Serena Williams shined a spot light on the world of professional female tennis. Her forehand shot is considered amongst the most powerful in women’s tennis and her serve speed ranks among the fastest. Serena has been titled number one by the Women’s Tennis Association five separate times starting in 2002 to this day. This is no surprise considering her amazing accomplishments in the Grand Slam Championships. She is the champion in both women’s singles and doubles at the Australian Open and Wimbledon. She took the tile of champion in the doubles at the US Open as well. She’s honored herself with 11 titles in the singles, 10 in the women’s doubles and 2 in the mixed doubles as well as two Olympic gold medals. She later became the fifth woman in history to hold all four Grand Slam titles simultaneously. This type of talent runs within the Williams family; Serena is the younger sister of Venus Williams who previously earned the title as best female tennis player in the world.

It was a competition among siblings they competed with each other through 23 professional matches dating back to 1998. They also met in eight Grand Slam finals and Serena came out most victorious. When they played against each other they were deadly, but when they played together they were an unstoppable team winning 10 Grand Slams titles. Serena became increasingly popular within the sport and the media as the years progressed. She has appeared on television shows alone and with her sister. She has also lent her voice on animated shows; one in particular was The Simpsons. She appeared on the show with Venus, Pete Sampras, and Andre Agassi. Disney and Nickelodeon contributed to her media exposure as well. She appeared on the 2005 episodes of Higglytown Heroes and Avatar: The Last Airbender. Among her accomplishments on the court and in the media she also gives back. In 2008 Serena helped fund the construction of the Serena Williams Secondary School in Matooni, Kenya. She has won Young Heroes Award, and Family Circle and Prudential financial player Who Makes a Difference Award as well as an award for Celebrity role Model from Avon Foundation for her work on breast cancer. Like Andy Riddick she has focused her time and assistance to a number of clinics, schools and community centers that help at-risk youth.

Rapid shifts just like in tennis

If you are looking for information about great racing odds then there are lots of different resources available to you. Some resources include online betting calculators that can help you calculate your chances of winning. Beating the odds can be easier if you know how to use the right resources.

Information about Great Racing Odds

Depending on the kind of race that you are going to you can decide on the amount you wish to wager. Horse races are different than car races in that they vary from each race depending on the horse. Horse races are a great way to make extra income if you know how to spot a winner.

The tote board is the board that has all the different horses or drivers who are racing that day in that particular race. There are also online resources which explain in depth how to read the boards and know what information that they are showing. Some basic information is the chances of winning that are quoted for each horse.
You will not be able to know how much the specific horse will pay if it wins but the amount of profit if you bet on it. A 6-5 means that you will get six dollars of profit for every five dollars wagered. A 20-1 chance is very good because you can get twenty dollars of profits for each one dollar that you bet.

Most tracks in the United States have a minimum two dollar bet. When you know how much you are wagering then you can be aware of how much of a gain is possible. Knowing your specific odds is very important and should always be taken into consideration.

When you are wanting to find great racing odds then you can visit your nearest race track. For more information you may want to also go online and read and review additional articles and information about the subject. You also can decide on the amount of the wager you want to spend and bet on before you get to the race.

Protection on the Ice

Hockey is a highly competitive, fast passed sport played on ice. With the hard surfaces of the ice and boards, pucks flying at high speeds and, maneuvering with short tempers each player must take extra precaution on the rink by wearing helmets, pads visors and shields. The shell of a hockey helmet is made of vinyl nitrile that absorbs and disperses the impact of hits by pucks, sticks, skates or contact with the ice. This was issued shortly after the death of Bill Masterton on January 13th 1968. During a game between Minnesota North Stars and Oakland Seals, two Seals players hit Bill so hard, it sent him flying. He was rushed to the hospital and was pronounced dead by four doctors who spent 30 hours trying to revive him. He died of a massive brain injury. In August 1979, then president of the National Hockey League (John Zeigler) announced that protective helmets would become mandatory in the NHL. Any player that chooses to play without one is at risk of injuries, some as serious and a concussion or death. A visor or a shield is attached to the helmet protecting the face from a flying puck or stick.

Although visors are not mandatory by NHL, they are highly recommended for safety. A Cage is another form of a visor or shield a player can wear for face protection. It is attached on the front of the helmet made up of bars spaced far enough to still allow the player visibility. You will typically see a similar version of a Cage worn by the goalie. A goaltender mask is made up of a piece of fiberglass. It wraps over the face and connects to the helmet which is known as a helmet/cage combination. To protect the body, players typically wear shoulder pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, protective gloves, heavily padded hockey pants, jock strap (cup), knee pads and or shin guards. Like most other sports, mouth guards are worn as well. “Checking” is a maneuver that is very popular in the sport of Hockey. When a player collides with another they are often knocked over, pushed up against the protective plastic wall (the shield for the fans). This leads numerous possibilities for injuries. Perhaps the most dangerous position to be is the goalie. Most of the time a goalie uses their body to prevent the high speeding puck from entering the goal, at all costs. Besides the mask, they also wear thicker gear; Chest and arm pads, a catching glove, a Goalie jock, Goal pants and pads.