Beginning Golf for Women

Women golfers are fast becoming just as proficient at their sport as male golfers, and there are more and more attracted onto the greens every day to give the men a run for their money. There are a number of ways that beginners can learn the first techniques and tips when first approaching golf, one of which is the women’s golf video which allows them to progress at their own pace in those all-important first few weeks.

One very popular women’s golf video which can be found in the collections of more and more women golfers is ‘Beginning Golf for Women’ as featured on, which can be bought in VHS or DVD format. The video was developed by tour veteran and master golf instructor Donna White whose considerable experience and talents are outlined on the LPGA Women’s Senior Golf Tour website (now named “The Legends Tour). She joined the LPGA tour as far back as 1977 after an extensive amateur and college career, having won the 1976 US Women’s Amateur title. Before retiring from the Women’s Tour she won 3 LPGA titles and has been acclaimed as one of the top 50 golf instructors in Golf for Women magazine. She is also well known for her work with junior golfers, the Special Olympics and other charities. As well as playing on the Women’s Senior Golf Tour she is currently Golf Manager for the Special Olympics and Director of Golf Professional Services.

Beginning Golf for Women

Beginning Golf for Women is perfect for women golfers who have never played before or who are just in the beginning stages. As this is a group who are often lacking in confidence and so need a specific type of golf instruction, this women’s golf video shows them just how simple and fun golf can be. It goes into the basic lessons women need to know about on their first visit to the golf course, with handy hints on fundamentals like how to go about driving, chipping and putting as a complete novice. Donna White divides her teachings into two women’s golf videos to make things simple for her viewers.

Women’s Golf Videos on Short Games and Long Games

The first video is specific to the short games golfers will embark upon initially or when they are strapped for time, and gives advice and lessons on grips, posture and alignment, chipping, sand shots, putting practice tips and general orientation. The second video moves onto longer games on larger courses for golfers who have started to find their feet. It goes into grip, posture and alignment, how to have a smooth flowing swing, pre-shot routines, lessons on woods and irons, practice tips and general orientation. The two women’s golf videos allow women golfers to progress only when they are ready and when they feel they have fully mastered the lessons given on the short games video. Indeed, Beginning Golf for Women is the only women’s golf video to be recognized and recommended by Gary McCord in his well-renowned Golf For Dummies. An impressive plaudit!

So, if you are one of the many women golfers who have become attracted to the game of golf then why not treat yourself to this tailor-made ‘starter kit’, and learn those all-important basics so that when you feel confident enough to stride out onto your local golf course for the first time, you will surprise everyone with your knowledge and skill.

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