4 Most Crucial Safety Tips For Skiing

Existing since pre-historic times, skiing has now become one of the most preferred recreational activities of people around the world. The sport has gained so much prominence that it is favouriteamong people of all ages, from kids to elderly ones. The ski takes place in high altitudes with the weather ranging from sunny to bitterly cold and the collisions are relatively common. To avoid the mishaps, there are some skier safety codes that are given to the enthusiasts beforehand.

The most generic safety codes that need to be followed by every skier are mentioned below:

  • Get the right gear: The right skiing gear is the first crucial protocol. Skier must have the right skis, boots, properly fitted bindings, right poles and a helmet. The complete outfit must be according to your size and height. It is important to keep you intact under any weather condition or any accident.
  • Wear proper warmers: Understanding that the sport takes place in high altitudes, wearing warmers beneath your ski gear is very important to keep you protected from severe cold weather conditions. Some of the basic warmers that must be worn by the skier are thermal underwear, thermal socks, intermediate layers (to restrict crossing of wind to the body), and jackets. Make sure that the warmers are not tight to your body and must not restrict your movement. They should just the right size to keep you protected from bitterly cold wind.
  • Ski pants: This is the most vital part of any ski gear. The ski pants do not only keep you warm and comfortable while skiing, but are also sweat and water resistant. Its importance must not be under-estimated since the legs must be kept protected, comfortable and warm during the activity because otherwise could have disastrous effect on the skier. In order to avoid any mishap on the slope, wear the best ski pants suitable to you.
  • Additional items: Apart from the above mentioned items, there are certain other items that would keep your skin protected on the heights. Sunscreen will protect your skin from the direct sunrays and will keep your skin moisturised on the top, lip balm will help you keep your lips moisturised in the cold weather, water and food will keep your body hydrated and nourished.

There are many resorts that also provide steamboat ski rentals when you plan on a ski vacation. According to their policy, one kid of or below 12 years old can rent free ski under one parent’s guidance. There are many such rental schemes that are available on the websites. But always remember the basic yet very important tips mentioned above before going up-top for the activity. Happy skiing!


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