Debbie Steinbach Venus on the Fairway

The Fresh Approach to Golf Instruction for Women

The ever increasing numbers of skillful women golfers on today’s courses testify to a passionate new group of enthusiasts who are challenging the outdated idea that it is a game solely enjoyed by men.

There are a range of advances happening within the golfing market to reflect this new trend, including a re-evaluation of traditional golfing instruction techniques which, until now, have been angled very much at men. This re-evaluation is long overdue as scores of women golfers have struggled for years with professional advice which did not take into account the differences between the male and female physique and, dare I say it, the male and female psychology.

It is absolutely worthwhile, therefore, when someone breaks out of the mould and comes up with a fresh new approach which isn’t afraid to challenge the old advice, and which appreciates the importance of accommodating women’s minds and women’s bodies so that they, too, can improve their game and enjoy golf as much as possible.

It should come as no surprise that many of these new ideas involved in finding techniques specifically designed to be beneficial to women, are written by women golfers themselves.

One such golfing instruction book is the already well-renowned Venus on the Fairway by Debbie Steinbach and Kathlene Bissell. A golfing manual written by women for women, how refreshing!

Debbie Steinbach is as seasoned a golfer as many male coaches, having played on the LPGA tour for eleven years before training to become a certified LPGA teaching professional. She offers a unique, woman-centered approach which has been helpful to so many women golfers that she was acclaimed as one of the top 50 instructors in the United States by ‘Golf for Women’ magazine. Her co-author, Kathlene Bissell is also an ardent golfer who has written for numerous golfing publications herself, including recognizable names like ‘Golf Illustrated’ and ‘Golf for Women’.

Venus on the Fairway uses easy to understand step-by-step instructions, photographic examples to clarify Steinbach’s suggestions, and clear visual keys to remind readers to keep it simple; unravelling all of your old bad habits so that you can re-build a better technique from the beginning. It deals in the fundamentals and really pares things down, giving tips and hints on getting the right grip and swing, what the appropriate etiquette is when you are on the greens, and choosing the right equipment for you.

Steinbach’s approach appreciates the female body’s potential with its natural strengths and suppleness, instead of trying to mould women golfers to play as if they are men, with a completely different type of physique.

To hear the thoughts of just a few of the women this book has genuinely helped, click on the book cover above and read through some of the impressive customer reviews. Although be careful, as it will be incredibly hard not to be persuaded by such comments as “The best woman’s golf book ever!” and other delighted exclamations. We wouldn’t be surprised if you just had to buy it online, there and then! Enjoy!

Bringing Together the Latest and Greatest in Golf Tips for Women Golfers

No women golfers’ resource would be complete without a section on Golf Tips; our section is special as it concentrates on the latest and greatest Tips for the Woman Golfer. With due diligence, we have searched, researched, begged, borrowed and “acquired” all of those tips that can add power and confidence to your game.

Let’s face some facts – there will always be a difference in the upper body strength of male and female golfers. The fact that the upper body has a lot of influence over your golf swing will always mean that male and female ability and overall game will be played differently. However, that does not mean that there are not other areas where women can concentrate on fine tuning their game to gain competitive edge. One of those areas is your short game – we will bring you the inside information on how you can add finesse and an edge to your short game on the course.

Even though there will always be swing strength differences – you can still learn how to put more sting in your swing. With our well researched information we can give you the steps to add strength and staying power to your swing. Every golfer almost obsesses over how to improve theirs – you get to sit back in your chair and let us bring together the underlying principles right to you.

Maybe you get frustrated because you just never know how to play a certain type of hole. With access to a huge range of course and play information, we do the research and you reap the benefits. Golf course architects make an art out of varying their formula to make that one great course. We want to help you uncover the secrets of how to play it.

If you are a self starter and have never hired a coach or taken a lesson, here’s where you can find some great golf tips for women golfers to improve your game and help you understand where you may be going wrong. Sometimes it takes just a slight adjustment in stance or technique to finally get that perfect shot.

Whether it’s the secrets of the pros or tried and tested formulas we bring it all together in this section to give you a step by step guide on different aspects of your game. What more could you want – the alternatives are hours of lessons or days with books. Let us find that one Golf Tip you just had to know.

Beginning Golf for Women

Women golfers are fast becoming just as proficient at their sport as male golfers, and there are more and more attracted onto the greens every day to give the men a run for their money. There are a number of ways that beginners can learn the first techniques and tips when first approaching golf, one of which is the women’s golf video which allows them to progress at their own pace in those all-important first few weeks.

One very popular women’s golf video which can be found in the collections of more and more women golfers is ‘Beginning Golf for Women’ as featured on, which can be bought in VHS or DVD format. The video was developed by tour veteran and master golf instructor Donna White whose considerable experience and talents are outlined on the LPGA Women’s Senior Golf Tour website (now named “The Legends Tour). She joined the LPGA tour as far back as 1977 after an extensive amateur and college career, having won the 1976 US Women’s Amateur title. Before retiring from the Women’s Tour she won 3 LPGA titles and has been acclaimed as one of the top 50 golf instructors in Golf for Women magazine. She is also well known for her work with junior golfers, the Special Olympics and other charities. As well as playing on the Women’s Senior Golf Tour she is currently Golf Manager for the Special Olympics and Director of Golf Professional Services.

Beginning Golf for Women

Beginning Golf for Women is perfect for women golfers who have never played before or who are just in the beginning stages. As this is a group who are often lacking in confidence and so need a specific type of golf instruction, this women’s golf video shows them just how simple and fun golf can be. It goes into the basic lessons women need to know about on their first visit to the golf course, with handy hints on fundamentals like how to go about driving, chipping and putting as a complete novice. Donna White divides her teachings into two women’s golf videos to make things simple for her viewers.

Women’s Golf Videos on Short Games and Long Games

The first video is specific to the short games golfers will embark upon initially or when they are strapped for time, and gives advice and lessons on grips, posture and alignment, chipping, sand shots, putting practice tips and general orientation. The second video moves onto longer games on larger courses for golfers who have started to find their feet. It goes into grip, posture and alignment, how to have a smooth flowing swing, pre-shot routines, lessons on woods and irons, practice tips and general orientation. The two women’s golf videos allow women golfers to progress only when they are ready and when they feel they have fully mastered the lessons given on the short games video. Indeed, Beginning Golf for Women is the only women’s golf video to be recognized and recommended by Gary McCord in his well-renowned Golf For Dummies. An impressive plaudit!

So, if you are one of the many women golfers who have become attracted to the game of golf then why not treat yourself to this tailor-made ‘starter kit’, and learn those all-important basics so that when you feel confident enough to stride out onto your local golf course for the first time, you will surprise everyone with your knowledge and skill.

All About Golf Equipment – the Good, the Bad, and the Useless

Golf is both an ability and equipment focused sport. While your ability helps you to swing, chip and putt – your equipment is essential in adding the competitive edge or finesse to your game. Golf equipment is an important part of a golfer’s life – whether it’s the basics or the best, at some stage you will need to know how to make good choices with your golf equipment.

We have brought together information on golf equipment for women golfers. You may wonder why that is different. Being women – we tend to want very different things out of our golf equipment than men do. More likely it is the male golfer’s who are going to purchase the XX9786VV49 room sized golf simulator – while women prefer more practical approaches like ensuring their equipment is durable, cost effective and adds to the type of golfer they are. That is not to say there is anything wrong with either golf simulators or women golfers who want them.

Perhaps you’re interested in finding out about what basic golf equipment you will need; or your past that stage and want to know about more specialized equipment that will enhance your game. We have brought together the practical, the personal and the prestige so that no matter which type of golfer you are – we have the latest information for you.

There is so much golf equipment on the market and according to all retailers – it’s all a must have for golfer’s. How do you choose what’s good, what might be useful and what will only be useful for taking up space in your garage. Well it’s simple –leave it to us to find out all you need to know – on what you need to have!

Don’t waste time and money on equipment that you either won’t use or won’t last – let seasoned golfers bring together both the practical and prestige so that you can save hours by finding all you need to know in one place.

Whether you’re an obsessed golf goddess or novice golfer we can give you the inside story on golf equipment – the pros and con’s, not to mention hints on where to get the best golf equipment for less.

Texas Rangers’ Cliff Lee Looks to Gain Momentum and Seek Redemption in Game 5

Texas Rangers ace starting pitcher Cliff Lee will look to seek redemption in Game 5 on Monday from his less than superb performance in Game 1 of the 2010 World Series against the San Francisco Giants and their ace starting pitcher Tim Lincecum.

Cliff Lee had an amazing regular season and it only goes to show that he is in fact human, as the rest of us, and can make mistakes, just like the rest of us. Honestly, though, this isn’t the first time the pitcher has ever struggled in his MLB career – but it is in the first time in such an important playoff game. His history holds that in his eight postseason appearances, he is 7-0 with an earned run average of 1.26.

The good thing is that Lee will have his chance to seek redemption Monday night at Arlington Ballpark. Lee knows that he can’t always be perfect – sometimes the best don’t perform the best and at the same time, the worst players may not perform the worst. Good players can play badly just as bad players can play well.

In Game 1, Lee allowed a total of seven runs, six of those being earned runs, on a total of eight hits over the course of 4 2/3 innings against San Francisco on the Giants’ home turf. Now, Lee is on his home turf and hopes that he can gain his regular momentum back and push the Rangers closer to the World Series win despite the fact that the Giants currently lead the series 3-1.

Lee is comfortable heading into Monday’s Game 5 appearance as are the rest of the Rangers with Lee as their starting pitcher. With Lee on the mound Monday night, on his OWN mound for that matter, he will likely be back in his game.

Now, this will be Lee’s final start of the 2010 MLB season. In addition, it may actually be his last start as part of the Texas Rangers since he’ll become a free agent at the end of this season. However, for all you Cliff Lee and Texas Rangers fans, he has shown impeccable and fond interest in the Rangers and I’m not really sure if he’ll go anywhere else.